About Me

Hi! My name is Brian Paul Yap, an editor in chief of a news website in California. I am also a sports writer who largely focuses on Boxing, UFC, and Basketball, however, I also write for other sports, too. The Boxing Pro is my personal blog which I own and run by myself. In my blog, this is where I get the chance to discuss sports news, especially regarding the aforementioned topics.

As a sports enthusiast, writing about it gives me a wonderful feeling of having to share news to my audience. I always try my best to be up-to-date with the latest happenings from our beloved athletes from around the world. Being a sports fanatic is something not to be ashamed of. It is somehow part of our everyday lives. The sports icons are present to bring honor not only for themselves but, mostly, for the love of one’s country and the sport itself. It is not simply “just a game” rather it is “the game”.

Why do I love Boxing? This is how I am inspired to be truly dedicated to everyday training and body conditioning. Not only that, boxers also keep a well-balanced diet and are much aware of food and fluid intake to keep up with one’s weight.

In UFC, I have seen fighters giving their all in just a single match. Hard work and discipline are key elements to be a UFC legend. It is not just about the belt rather the honor of being the best. UFC fighters are always proud of the achievements once acquired.

Basketball may not need much strength as in Boxing or UFC but, basketball still remains to be one of the most popular sports worldwide. Basketball is a great example of showing teamwork beating talent. A player may be considered talented in basketball but, without teamwork, he won’t be able to perform well on the court. Plus, it takes strategy to win a game. And, listening to the coach and other team players is a huge factor to hitting the basket.

Because of my love for sports, I have made The Boxing Pro for everyone to read regarding the latest sports stories. Take this as an opportunity to be updated with sports news. Rest assured, I am going to continue to bring every sports-related report only here in The Boxing Pro.

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