Amanda Nunes Dominates Valentina Shevchenko on UFC 215

UFC 215 on a Saturday was an explosive event especially to MMA’s Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes as she continues her reign in the Octagon. Nunes won by split decision in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada’s main event at the Rogers Place.

Amanda Nunes

It was a tense bout between Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko as in the beginning of the fight, they both just gauge each one’s tactics and attacks in the ring. Both are picking the right moment for an attack making sure that they are not in each of their comfort zones.

Others see the fight as a slow paced game as they are very careful in what they want to deliver. The transition of the pace of the fight went on to the 2nd round as no one between them wants to be careless of the things they want to deliver and do. Moving on, the slow paced fight was in favor with the challenger for apparent reasons.

As the fight progresses to third round, it was unlikely and hard to score especially to the ringside judges since neither of the fighters showed any aggression and neither of them are landing solid pinches nor strikes, however the round was given to Amanda Nunes.

Moving to the fourth round, the judges gave it to Shevchenko wherein she got the most points for it. That is because the challenger figures out her opponent’s pattern in strikes thus the challenger was able to land solid punches and kicks with clean counters as well enough to frame her up in the ring. On top of that during the replay, UFC chose the fourth round as the challenger’s highlight of that round with the punch she landed several times against Amanda.

Moving on the last and fifth round, because of Amanda’s take down to the challenger convinced the judges to give the fight and by win-decision to the champion as she was able to deliver a convincing finish against the challenger. Amanda won by decision which is a very upset to the challenger and her team.

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