Conor McGregor does not need a boxing trainer, find out why

All of the boxing fans and as well as the UFC fans are expecting the Mayweather McGregor fight to be very explosive and entertaining. With the arena tickets almost sold out and the Mayweather vs McGregor live stream platform already prepared for everyone, it will be right time to get ready for the most anticipated event to happen on the 26th of August.


Moving forward, there was a news that in the ring, McGregor will not need a boxing coach nor someone to get involved on the sideline during the fight. People who are close to him and is in line with his fighting style and ways will be with him throughout the entire fight. In McGregor’s team, there were no boxing trainers hired nor he will be asking help from them. He knows his abilities and skills, he only needs the right individuals to be with his training regimen as he will benefit from them and will give him more confidence to face his toughest opponent Mayweather.

Conor McGregor has great support to the people he closely knows like Owen ‘Rowdy’ Roddy and John Kavanagh which he relies so much during his training. These people he considers are the closest to him and have been with him throughout his professional career may McGregor be in the highlight of his career and downfall as well. He [McGregor] will be having his professional boxing debut at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena and it will be a legacy for him to defeat the undefeated Mayweather with 49 wins in his professional career. Although many have doubted the ‘Notorious’ McGregor that he will be knocked out by Mayweather, however McGregor prepared so much for this fight that Mayweather and his team will be surprised on the things that he prepared for him [Mayweather] and his team.

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