Dwayne Wade with the Bulls Progression

There are a lot questions, opinions and thoughts how the Chicago Bulls franchise would move forward together with their acquired superstar or their most recognizable player Dwayne Wade. There are a lot of questions about Dwayne Wade’s stay in the franchise and how long is he going to be a Bull player. A lot controversial questions have been floating around about his status or his stay with the Chicago Bulls could be bought out and he could end in a better team. Some say that Wade is even pushing that to happen or letting it happen as he wants a team that could win championships and what not.


Butler and Wade have a great partnership in the team that they are working hard as well to keep the Bulls from winning games and eventually end them in the championship series. However as the season ends, the Chicago Bulls end in an eighth position in the Eastern Conference category which was far out from their goal. Another unfortunate story is that after the season Butler was then sipped to the Minnesota Timberwolves thus making Wade’s decision for a transfer possible and more open. The franchise’ long term goal could go through a different direction if key players from the team are moving away.

It has been really hard for the team and Chicago Bull’s general manager made sure that they will lay out all the possibilities that they could talk about once Dwayne Wade is in town. The General Manager was pleased with Wade’s professionalism as Wade still followed what’s in the contract and in both sides they are open to solutions or suggestions as well. They will have to respect whatever is Wade’s decision about his stay with the team but as much as possible they want their superstar to stay with them and work out what needs to work on.

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