A Fourth Round KO for Floyd Mayweather

August 26 this year will be one of the biggest event in boxing that is going to be recorded wherein an MMA fighter [Conor McGregor] is going to face one of the toughest and best fighter in the industry of boxing; Floyd Mayweather Jr. Both Fighters appeared in Las Vegas to market and promote their fight in front of their thousands of fans. It was a news conference wherein everyone is anticipating since both fighters have so character that they go well infront of the eyes of their fans.

mayweather vs mcgregor press con

McGregor is a ferocious, powerful and agile fighter which earned him respect to a lot of fighters in his lineage and in the MMA industry as well. He is a 2 time world champion and with confidence, he is sure that he will beat the lights out of his opponent. On the other hand, with age and experienced boxer Mayweather is not to be reckoned with since he is a smart fighter, a master of defense and an accurate counter puncher as well. McGregor will have to think twice if he will be able to knock him out in the ring since McGregor have no experience in boxing.

With the fight coming in to picture and the Mayweather vs McGregor live stream is in the roll of happening for everyone to make use of, a lot is expected on the fighters that they will be able to showcase what they are made of and entertain at the same time their fans. McGregor being the confident fighter that he is with conviction stated that he will beat with a knockout his opponent within 4 rounds. McGregor has works really hard for this to end in his favor since this will definitely boost his way up to fame and his professional fighting career.

Mayweather vs  McGregor Might Not Happen Again

T-Mobile Arena is going to host one of the biggest fight that is going to happen in the history of boxing and that is the upcoming and highly anticipated fight in the history. The Mayweather vs McGregor live fight and in PPV as well are making so much noise that sometimes it is unavoidable to others to wonder how is this going to end. However, despite all the fame that this fight is getting, people from the MMA industry wanted McGregor to come back after the fight for several apparent reasons.

On McGregor’s team, they are expecting that their fighter will be back in the octagon this December to prepare McGregor in the ring with the right mindset as well. Other renowned individuals in the MMA business see that if everything goes well with McGregor, they doubt that the fighter will return in the ring anytime soon. With that kind of news in the line, there are speculations as well that McGregor might not come back to fight in UFC after an expected profit of their Mayweather fight of a $100 million.

Dana White of UFC feel that if McGregor is going to make that much profit of the fight, it is highly that McGregor might not go back to fighting in the Octagon. In same page, if he makes it big and win the fight holding several titles in boxing and MMA, chances of McGregor to become a boxer might happen. All are just speculations however anything is possible. With whatever is going to happen to McGregor’s career, Dana White is sure not to meddle with McGregor’s success and fighting profession. McGregor has done so much in the UFC/MMA industry and he has the right to do what he wants if he see that the road he will be taking is going benefit him.

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