Golovkin: Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs Difference in Fight

Every boxing fan and professional individuals in boxing industry have their eyes on the Canelo vs GGG fight that is going to happen in the 16th of September at the T-Mobile Arena that is going to be viewed as well in HBO’s PPV.  Although the Mayweather and Conor fight is another mega fight that is going to happen in the month of August however, other see the clash between Golovkin and Canelo to be more interesting and entertaining.


On the different side of the coin, other are in doubt if Golovkin is going to deliver his fight and reign victor over Canelo. He is already 35 and thought to be no longer in his prime his last fight with Jacobs went through 12 rounds. On September, Golovkin is going to make a point to his fans and doubters as well that he still have the juice to knock out Canelo and he is going to prove a point that he is still the best in his league. Golovkin is known to be a power punching monster in the ring and in his professional career, the Jacobs fight is the fight that went through the mile and went in to a decision. However, Golovkin still remains to be undefeated still.

Golovkin and his team will still continue with their training regimen and nothing will change but it will be more intense and different since he will be facing another tough warrior that should not be taken lightly. Canelo Alvarez is a young, fast and a good counter puncher and that needs more preparation. Golovkin also state that he will treat Canelo differently and his team will find a different approach to make them have the advantage of the fight. His age doesn’t concern him since it will be all different in the ring and things will be decided right there and then once they face it off.

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