Golovkin Didn’t Wonder Why Chavez was not Knocked Out

The boxing industry was shaken on the previous fight between Julio Cesar Jr. and Canelo Alvarez about the results. Both teams and as well as the fighters prepared really hard in conditioning their body and physique, however, the fight turned out to be a unanimous decision and a win on Canelo Alvarez. Gennady Golovkin who will be Alvarez’ next opponent is not all that fascinated on his win and apparently not impressed in Alvarez’ performance. Canelo Alvarez is not doubt a very tough fighter but because he picks out a fighter that he thinks that he has the upper hand makes him not much of a fighter according to professional analysts and other well renowned boxers.

Gennady Golovkin or known in the ring as Triple G is excited that for the fight to go down. Recently, Golovkin was invited in TMZ Sports for an interview about his thoughts about the upcoming fight. The Golovkin vs Canelo is right now one of the most and highly anticipated bout that everyone is waiting. Golovkin is confident that Alvarez is going to have a hard time knocking him down after Alvarez’ previous performance fight. In the interview as well, Canelo was mostly showing off to women every after fights in the corner by not sitting down to rest.

Triple G is known power puncher and with a professional record of 37-0 with 33 knockouts as his personal best, he is no doubt one of the best fighters in the middleweight division. Golovkin pretty well knows what a true knockout is and he can’t wait to have Alvarez have a piece of his power. Such power and boxing tactics in the ring, this will be a very big issue to Alvarez’ team since this will be his first time to experience a tough fighter on top of his league.

The fight is going to happen on the 16th of September and the event is called “The biggest fight of the year”.

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