Jon Jones on blood test to pass for UFC 214

jon jones

There was a little controversy about Jon Jones’ passing the blood test in connection with his UFC 214 win and the U.S Anti-Doping Agency is keeping an eye on this result and confirming a report as well. However, the department especially on the USADA’s side to not jump in to conclusions and everything will have to go in a process before they can make a statement about such news.

Eurich stated that Jon Jones who holds a professional record in MMA of 23-1 and in UFC of 17-1 said that he is negative for banned affluences in a blood test. On the same page, there was even more mystery to the test that Jon Jones failed especially his urine exam. Jon Jones and his team especially his agent spoke to the press about such issue that all of his exams appeared negative and the fighter is clean and passed all the requirements needed for the fight to happen.

However, there were other substances that were found like estrogen blockers in his system and this what was prior to his fight at UFC 200 which was an upset to his opponent Cormier. A one year suspension did happened apparently after it was investigated and they stated that it was not an intentional cheating.

His agent mentioned and made sure as well that everyone should not jump in to conclusions nor make any statement if there were no concrete evidence that he has been using banned materials in his system.

For now, Jon Jones is innocent until proven guilty if in any case there were any violations in the process. There are still a lot of things to look in to before divulging any decision that could affect the industry and as well as the fighters that are in the same system. Moreover, Dana White will make sure as well that if proven guilty, his recent opponent will be crowned champion.


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