Mayweather vs McGregor Fight: How Much They Will Earn?

mayweather vs mcgregor earnings

The Mayweather vs McGregor four day world tour to promote their fight ended with a slam and full of excitement. The fans just couldn’t get enough and cannot wait for everything to break lose on the 26th of August for the McGregor vs Mayweather live bout. Both fighters threw all the most outrageous insult and racial slur at each other in all their press conferences making more intriguing to watch, however to the boxing and UFC fans as well, they just wondered how much will both fighters earn after the fight if everything went well and invited a lot of audience may it be on PPV or in T-Mobile Arena. There have been a lot of controversy on the verbal war that they’ve been recently which mocked other organization in the community like the blacks and the other gender as both fighters were not sensitive enough on the public. But then again, a lot were entertained and they are more eager to watch the live fight and gained more audience to get interested in both fighters.

Going to back to Mayweather’s previous fight with Pacquiao which was one of the biggest event in the history of boxing wherein it was a full house event, Mayweather successfully retained a 0 defeat professional record which earned him as well a whopping $240 million income.

With that being said as well, if Mayweather successfully defeats McGregor and if it is a sold out event and a successful PPV viewing, Mayweather will most likely earn him over more than a billion dollars.

McGregor on the hand is secured with at least $15 million, however, if everything will go through according to McGregor’s plan, he will definitely earn more than a secured $100 million income. An income which is more than enough that he will be earning from the UFC.

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