Mayweather vs McGregor


Mayweather will come out of the retirement to meet the UFC star by the name McGregor in the much-anticipated match which is the boxing match which will feature the two of top-selling fighters to the world which is Mayweather vs McGregor. These two fighters announced a fight after the months of the speculation on if Mayweather could be persuaded back to a ring at an age of 40 years to face the mixed martial arts fighters who have never had the pro boxing fight.

Here is everything needed to understand about the fight of Mayweather vs McGregor.

When this it take place? This event will finally take place on August 26, on Saturday where as the actual time have not been announced, this will definitely be the late night or maybe very early start for the viewers in the UK.

Where this event it be held? The event will happen at T-Mobile arena in a Las Vegas Strip in the city of Nevada. This venue has held the major fights for the past years, including the UFC 202 where McGregor beat somebody by the name Nate Diaz on the points.

How one can one watch this? The details are yet to be given out but a fight will be the pay-per-view occasion, organized by the Showtime Sports.

The charge has yet not decided, although it’s expected to be about or near $99.95 charged for the Mayweather’s fight and Manny Pacquiao which drew the record 4.4 million which was pay-per-view buys.

“It is really the unprecedented event,” Stephen Espinoza said, who at that heads the Showtime Sports. “Actually we have not seen anything in the modern history which resembles it, it is impossible for one to predict how many sales which will do.”

Their records. Mayweather retired in the year 2015 with the unblemished of 49-0 professional of boxing record.

He is broadly regarded of being the best in the defensive fighters ever be, and this prides of himself in his ability in evading the punishment by his own skillful movement in a ring while making the adjustments against the opponents in the fly.The win of Mayweather could make him move ahead of the former heavyweight of the great Marciano who still retired with the perfect of the 49-0 career record.

McGregor, a UFC’s reigning of the lightweight champion and the former featherweight in a champion, is well-known for his own bravado as to his explosives knockout power inside the MMA octagon.

McGregor made a history last time in November by becoming a first UFC fighter in holding titles for two weight divisions which are featherweight and also lightweight simultaneously after the defeat of Eddie Alvarez.

Also, this even will take place in the Las Vegas under the normal boxing rules which are being used despite McGregor in having never been boxed in the professional circuit which will at that time be contested at the 154lbs.

The 28-year-old Irishman who became a first UFC fighter in holding two belts consecutively, knocked out somebody by the name Eddie Alvarez in the New York which happened last November for the lightweight championship.

The UFC exposed McGregor in his own featherweight belt in a moment after that event when he announced that he would be at that time taking some moment off after long-time partner by the name Dee Devlin and him had their own first baby in the month of May.Well-known for his own devastating in striking and a highlight-reel knockout, McGregor is is well quick and also irrational to his feet, but some people would back him in beating one of a complete boxer in all time.

The rules which are being used. A fight will be held under the boxing rules which present the huge challenges for the mixed martial artists by the name McGregor when he faces off against one of greatest defensive boxers in the history.

To add to McGregor’s challenges, the fighters will at that be using the 10-ounce boxing gloves rather than the smaller UFC gloves which he will not allow to use leg kicks or the take-downs which are used in the mixed martial arts.

To a surprise to those who follow this career up to date, McGregor says that he may take Mayweather out while citing a size of the Mayweather’s head as an evidence.

McGregor will soon weigh in at the 154 pounds, the UFC president Dana White told by ESPN.