UFC: $150K Fine for McGregor Actions

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has issued a $150,000 fine for UFC star Conor McGregor due to his inappropriate actions during a news conference last August.


The said amount is 5 percent of McGregor’s whooping $3,000,000 guaranteed salary on his fight against Nate Diaz last August 20 at T-Mobile Arena. The Commission also added a 50 hours community service as McGregor’s punishment. McGregor needs to complete the said service within 6 months.

McGregor attended his disciplinary hearing thru phone and humbly admitted that his actions were wrong. He even apologized for the unusual incident. He added that he would learn from had happened. Pat Lundvall, NSAC’s commissioner, asked McGregor to acknowledge the need for discipline. Without hesitation, McGregor acknowledged it because he feels it was the right thing to do.

Few days before the day of the fight, McGregor and Diaz had a pre-fight news conference. The media and fans were all excited for the two to meet. Not as expected, McGregor arrived 30 minutes late on the said event. Diaz has already stood up to leave the place early. While Diaz was exiting the venue, he started to provoke McGregor through his words.

There are videos circulating that Diaz was throwing a water bottle towards McGregor’s position. Without second thoughts, McGregor fired back by tossing bottles and cans from the table on stage. Diaz and his team launched back the items McGregor tossed. While this was going on, security was quick to respond and able to control the situation and restored order.

It was reported that an MGM security personnel was hit by a can thrown by McGregor. Good thing, he was not harmed profusely yet, he sustained minor injuries.

The Commission’s main concern was safety for everyone, especially that the affair was open to public. Michon Martin, NSAC commissioner, initially wanted a $300,000 fine, the same amount fined to Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier when they exchanged punches at MGM lobby.

However, Anthony Marnell, NSAC chairman, finds a $300,000 fine for throwing water bottle is too much. No one was seriously injured. McGregor and Diaz could have done worse but, they did not. Marnell regarded both boxers’ behavior were child-like.

On the other hand, Diaz was granted a continuance so, his hearing will have to be on a later date.

McGregor is set to face Eddie Alvarez for UFC lightweight belt on November 12 at Madison Square Garden, New York.

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