Why you should not miss Ward vs Kovalev on November 19th

This coming November 19 of this year is going to be a very big event in boxing as two super powers clash to get hold of the WBA, WBO and IBF Light Heavyweight World championship belt. This anticipated boxing match is going to take place at Las Vegas, Nevada in the T-Mobile Arena and apparently its anticipation is comparable to the recent fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao May of last year, or even more.


Andre Ward the “Son of God” as he was nicknamed, holds an official boxing record of 30 wins with 15 of which is by way of knockout with 0 losses in his professional career. This 32 year old natural left hander is a monster in the ring as he is able to harness his speed, distance control, punch accuracy and counterpunching skill’s full potential, hence, he was able to maintain a 0 loss record.

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On the other hand, Sergey Kovalev or nicknamed in the ring as the “Krusher” which holds a professional boxing record to date of 30 wins and 26 of which is by way of knockout, 1 draw and 0 loss as well. This 33 year old Russian is the deal in the ring and opponents really see him as a literal crusher in the ring. Sergey is an orthodox fighter which highlights his power jab, straight right, incredible footwork, punch feints and the power of every blow he delivers. Although the techniques are pretty much basic, but he was able to master everything thus dominating the ring giving him a knockout opponent in every of his fight.

Checking just by their professional boxing records, it is not even arguable to why this event will be the biggest boxing episode that will surprise the world. The fight presently is publicized as the “Pound for Pound” fight of the year will be sold out event too. As both camps prepare for the fight, each trainers and other of their support staff are pretty confident that their fighter is going to deliver and will definitely surprise the fighter’s opponent. The event’s CEO Kathy Duva was astounded with the boxing fan’s eagerness inside that the fight should happen soon and everyone who are involved in the event have had high expectations that this event will be bigger and explosive as compared to the past big main events. Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev are focused in conditioning and getting their physique to a 101% fit as both have high hopes and confidence that either Andre or Sergey will be titled as the Pound for Pound King in the ring.

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